rds Sustainability Strategy

rds Sustainability Strategy

 Since our establishment, we have invested 3% of our profits and time in sustainability initiatives.We are proud to support the following projects:

since 2008 until today – Support for a child in Peru via the PLAN initiative

since 2010 until today – Support the high school Musical Initiative Musical Theatre for life by Claudia Balko and Wendy Kamp with financial support and know how. Through the participation in the musical, children gain expressive skills, confidence and team spirit,

2012 – Held a benefit concert in support of climate protection with the European Philharmonic for the yasuni itt project from Ecuador

2015 – Established Superwitches with Juliane Block – http://www.superwitches.com

2015 – Established the website www.meinwunderbarerberlinsalon.com in order to communicate our ideas.

2016 – Established the Geldsystemexperiment with Martin Gaedt