2005 our founder began rds real estate development GmbH as a project development company, with which she especially supported the property „Alter Schlachthof Berlin“ supported.

2008 this was transformed into rds energies GmbH, and the business purpose changed to the creation of investment solutions and acquisition services in the renewable energy market.

Our primary mission was to look solar roofs, and this quickly expanded to include  international project rights and distribution mandates

2014 we continued to focus on the brokerage business in the B2B large-scale solar-plant market and began internationalisation.

2016 we had an increasingly high demand and strengthened our international partnerships with project suppliers, deal sourcers and large-scale investors. Since 2016, our company has offered co-development and international large-scale photovoltaic systems.

2017 provided growth in the form of co-entrepreneurs and we want to have our first seven-figure commission documents.