Eva-Catrin Reinhardt

Making the world how we like it through sustainability.

Eva-Catrin Reinhardt is founder and executive managing partner of rds energies GmbH.

“I have always had a passion to shape the world and to ensure that our world is beautiful. This is why I first was an architect, a project developer and project manager and responsible for many large-scale projects. Out of my experience with the development of concepts as an architect I  invent alternative company concepts, finding solutions  for the future in which people can find a new space for innovation.

I became an entrepreneur in 2002. With my brand rds (reinhardt development services), I establish company concepts that promote sustainability while also being profitable. This serves as a solution to many global challenges. Through the brokering of business contacts, rds energies accelerates the energy transition worldwide.”


Otto Reinke is the business development manager at rds energies GmbH and is responsible for national and international expansion. He has decades of experience in management and has held senior management positions in corporate groups, family businesses, and private equity-funded startups.

“For me, it’s the people behind the business that have the driving power. Through my creativity and my international network, I can create greater value and win/win situations for all involved. To me, sustainability means cooperation with a result that is satisfying to everyone.

At rds energies GmbH, I tie my passion and curiosity for foreign cultures to the successful expansion of the company. I am personally engaged in a foundation supporting an orphanage in Tanzania.

As an entrepreneur, I develop a start-up company in the field of decentralized energy generation (small wind turbines with groundbreaking cost-benefit) in order to contribute to the solution of energy poverty in the world.”


Silke Heise is the acquisition manager at rds energies, as well as a physicist, entrepreneur, and business mentor. She is responsible for the acquisition of roofs for solar energy, and the brokerage of solar power plants at rds energies.

“As a physicist I am interested in the future of energy markets, as a mother in the future of our environment and hence I support collaboration between suppliers and investors of large-scale solar plants.

As an entrepreneur and mentor I have experience in the acquisition of customers, customer service and project management.

Digitalization makes it possible to quickly and flexibly respond to the needs of customers and investors and therefore support promising projects, independent of place and a set time.

I am personally engaged in cancer-self-help and female entrepreneur organizations.

In the years to come, the professional world will change fundamentally. Responsibility, autonomy, initiative are growing in importance. I hope that each one of us finds his or her self-determined occupation, which fulfills him or her and supports other people.